Thursday, October 28, 2010

oooh.. a baby!!

so... It's a boy :D

We had our appointment at 1 today and after some 'picture viewing' we discovered it was a boy.. and by the looks of it, he takes after his daddy :D (haha!) we could definitely tell we were having a boy...

He did not like to have his picture taken tho, that was for sure, he kept rolling his face away or to the side and very low in my belly, so this shot was pretty much a miracle.

It was so fun to watch Marshal. he was VERY into the appointment he was standing up and pointing at the screen "foot!... Leg!... hand!.... belly!.." and his favorite "HEARTBEAT!"
Seeing him all excited to be a father really makes me happy. Ever since we started dating, I've loved to see him interact with Children and Babies. He's so good with young kids. It'll be interesting to see him in action with his own baby. He gets all oooh, ahhh -ish over babies that we see in the store. <3

After the ultrasound we had a regular visit with the Dr. I have not gained any weight (yay! i've got plenty to share) and I am measuring at 23wks.. I'm only 20, but he wanted to make himself known I guess. And Dr. noted that he really moves to the right side. (which he does, he has only been on the right side, has never ventured to the left).

Anyways. Today was a great day, got to see our baby's face, now to pick out a baby name we both like. that's the hard part. haha!!

Until Next time! ta ta

Monday, October 25, 2010

woah.. long time.

so it's been awhile since I've posted.

I'm sitting at home, feeling like crap. Sore throat, headache, dizzy, nauseous. wondering why I always feel like crap these days....

anyways. We get to have our ultrasound on Thursday, to find out what we are having... I dreamt that we saw "boy parts" very clearly... so we'll see what happens.

Life has been getting a little more crazy. We carved pumpkins last night with the neighbors, that was fun. Went to the movies yesterday after going to church. It was my mom's birthday. and on Saturday we went to brainerd and had a party with the whole family. that was fun..

It's weird to think that this time last year, marshal was sicker then a dog and in the hospital on his deathbed pretty much. Thank God they found out what was going on ... I have to admit it was VERY close... but i remind him everyday that if he does that again (gets really sick) i'm just going to shoot him :D cuz it's cheaper... so he's got motivation to stay healthy.

anyways. I think i'm going to figure out what to make for lunch I guess. wish i could just order for delivery, but i doubt it'd be here in time for marshal to eat....

so. ta ta for now!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pizza. omg.. i love it

Well. I am currently 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I had an appointment last week and heard baby's heart beat.. so far, we have no nickname for this child. haha.
I lost a pound since the 12 week appointment & am measuring at 15 weeks, which is good, because then I doubt it's twins (yay!.. and twins run in our families like crazy).
The next appointment is at the end of October & I will get an ultra sound! can't wait. My Mother-In-Law does not want us to find out, but that might turn into a poo-on-her, because I don't have that much patients. Marshal really wants to know too (I think). haha

Marshal had a birthday last week too. He is now 25 years old (I call him old fart... because we are 5 years apart). We hung out with one of his coworkers (who I've never met) boy was that fun! then we went to the bowling alley which was EXTREMELY busy, but it was a friday night. So we went to the bar part of it, marshal got a birthday drink, paid for by his coworker. We ran to the babysitter/friend and picked up Jada, then went home. The next morning (which was yesterday) we went bowling with just us family. That was fun, until Jada got tired and cranky and a bunch of little kids showed up to pack the place and have a birthday party. It was fun before that tho.

Well that's about all I have right now. Oh and a friend delivered her baby yesterday, 11 weeks early, but baby is doing very good for her gestational Age. I keep praying for her & cannot wait to see more pictures & see how she is doing. I'm looking every day.
Makes me grateful that I've never had any complications with my pregnancies, and that this one is going well as well.

ta ta for now!

Ps. I'm craving Pizza, so I'm waiting for the pizza to get here yummmmmy