Sunday, November 28, 2010

crash, boom, bang

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a GREAT thanksgiving. (and a good weekend).
I do have to say that I had 3 terrific thanksgivings. with a ton of food and great people. It sure was fun.
Marshal's family, at first, didn't really warm up to me. They wanted us to wait to get married and then lectured us about waiting to have children and stuff like that. This was the first time I've really felt welcomed. They were joking and seemed to be easier on us then they usually are, so it was nice. I'm very thankful of that :D

Thanksgiving #1 was with my parents last week. We went to church, then to their house and watched a football game and of course had some delicious food (my dad is a GREAT cook).

Thanksgiving #2 was on Thanksgiving day. We we to Marshal's step-mother's parents house. They have 2 miniature Australian shepherds (google search it). Their names are Raz (he is 3 I think) and Jazz (who is a puppy!). Raz is a therapy dog. He goes into schools and nursing homes and give people company and lets them play with him. Jazz will be doing that eventually as well. Jada had SO much fun playing with them. Oh. Marshal's Parents dog was there (destiny.. she's 4 I think) and she is a pitbull/boxer mix. and a LOVER! we call her goober. Jada enjoyed all three of the dogs, and they enjoyed her too!! it was SO much fun.

Thanksgiving #3 was yesterday & at Marshal's Dad's Mom's house.. she's not really his mom, but she pretty much raised him. We call her Grandma Nancy. She is such a sweet lady. She's got a dog, golden retriever or lab I think, and her name is Lady, she is an old dog, but loves people & LOVES belly rubs.. While we were at her house Jada got to watch a doe eating the bird food that had fallen to the ground and was about 10 - 20feet away from the house.
On our way home (it was about a 90 minute drive.. and icy/snow covered roads) we ditched the jeep. A truck with a trailer had swerved to miss a deer. doing this caused them to come into our lane, towards us. Marshal had tried to slow down, and the truck went right into the ditch. We missed a mail box & fire number sign thing, jumped the driveway, and smashed into a tree. we were going slow when he started braking (about 45-50mph, on a 60mph road) so by the time we hit the tree, we were probably going about 15-20mph. This is a complete guess. I was asleep when he started to slow down and I woke up to him saying "CARMEN, HOLD ON!!" next thing I know, we hit the tree. we were able to back up, but the ditch was pretty steep, so we couldn't back out of the ditch. instead we followed a snowmobile trail to the next driveway, and after a couple of attempts, we made it out of the ditch.
There was a couple of branches stuck into the grill, the bottom of the bumper has a dent on the passenger side, and the driver side blinker light cover is a little broken, but still works. We all had our seat belts on, Jada was in a proper fitting car-seat (and she didn't even cry!!). My elbow hurts a little from bracing myself, and for the night I was very worried about Dino Baby.. he wasn't moving like he usually does. The accident happened about 8:10, and we were home by 9... When I finally got in bed after 10, I was pretty worried. Marshal snuggled up to me and Dino baby went nuts. he started kicking and moving around, and as of today, everything seems fine. so that was a HUGE relief.
I'm so proud of Jada for being so calm, that really surprised me. I even told her it was ok to cry because accidents are scary. all she wanted was her stuffed animal that she had just gotten from Grandpa Santa. it was amazing.
I thank God we had taken the Jeep, and that it didn't happen any sooner of later on that road, all the other ditches are VERY steep, and there's not a doubt in my mind that we would have rolled. It's also a good thing Marshal was driving, he's a great driver, and a fast thinker.

So after those events, I'm good for the next few months.
Today we spent the day in the house, doing pretty much nothing. We played some video games & set up the Christmas tree, pictures to come probably tomorrow. or whenever I write another blog. haha.

I hope everyone else's Thanksgiving was eventful, but in a better way then mine!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Good Letdown: Guest Blog: Carmen's Story

Yay. My guest Blog has been posted, go and check it out!

The Good Letdown: Guest Blog: Carmen's Story: "Carmen talks about her struggles with being a teen mom and trying to breastfeed. Now she's married and expecting her second baby. She's way ..."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

24th Week

So... It's been about 2 weeks since i've written anything....

lets start from the beginning, just kidding, everyone knows I can't keep track of the order I do things...

Today I had my 24 week OB visit. I'm exactly 24 weeks as of today... you all know what that means right ;) (haha!)... Well. at my appointment I did a blood glucose test. now for those of you that have no idea what this is i'll explain. you drink 10oz of this NASTY orange 'juice' that has a ton of stuff in it (it's nasty, so who cares what the ingredients are, right?) Then 1 hour later, you get your blood drawn. They use it to check glucose tolerance, which measures diabetes and gestational diabetes.... So I got to the Dr early and went to do this test, got my blood drawn & went for my appointment. At the end of the the Appt. my Dr. said "you'll be doing the 'nasty drink' at the next appointment"... immediately I said "they had me do that today! it was in the lab orders... " ... turns out, she ordered it early.. I must have messed her up at the last appointment because I measured at 23 weeks insteady of 20, so according to her memory I was probably about 27 weeks... WRONG!.. haha. oh well. I have to do the test in 8 weeks now, atleast I get a break.
The appointment went good. Dino Baby's heart rate was between 150-155 and I measured big (again..) I was supposed to measure around 24, instead I measured 26.. I have only gained about 5 pounds since the start of this pregnancy. (which doesn't seem like much, but i am still complaining about it). My next appointment is in 4 weeks and we'll see what my measurements are like then.

The last couple weeks this Dino baby has been moving and grooving a LOT. Marshal got to feel him kick a couple of times. which is really exciting, the first time he was amazed, now it's like he doesn't care as much.... must be a man thing. Jada still hasn't felt baby brother, but she did ask where his heartbeat was... I'll have to bring home my stethoscope from work and see if it's to soon to try to use that for her to hear.

Also, this week is TURKEY week. Last Sunday we went to my parents church and then to there house and had turkey day there. It was so good. so 1 down, 2 to go. on Thanksgiving we will be going to (ready for this) my husband's step-mother's parents (so my step-mother-in-law's Parents).. oh I love getting together with that family, everyone is such good cooks.. I drool just thinking about it. Then on Saturday we are going to my father-in-law's Mother's house. I'm also excited for that... mmmm.... I don't eat as much as I used to (which is probably why i've only gained 5 pounds) but i still get full and enjoy the people (even tho I hardly know anyone on Marshal's side.... we don't talk to them much.. they are more 'loners' then my family)
But both of those days also means late nights for me. Dinner doesn't start until 5 (or that's when we are supposed to be there at least) and I'm usually in bed by 8 (I'm the oldest 20-year-old you'll ever meet). and both of the houses are about an hour away... ugh... I'll be tired.

It snowed up here too! in 1 day we got about 8inches (I'm really bad at guessing.... ) and boy was I ready for it! so was Jada!! She said it's all her fault because she "prayed for it" and now she's happy. :D But it's all fluffy and white and wonderful. I hate the cold, but I love the snow. I think it's so so beautiful!!

Anyways. That's about all my train of thought will do today. Hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving and drives safely!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

22 weeks.

well.. Dino baby is now 22 weeks along. I'm growing and growing and growing... (even though my hubby doesn't think so).

Last night Marshal got to feel dino baby kick for the very first time. :D
I have made a list of baby names which we like... go vote for names you like/don't like. it's so fun to see what people think.

I was at home, on my lunch break today, reading a blog that I follow, when suddenly I realize all the blogs that I follow have to do with babies & breastfeeding! haha... wow have I got baby fever bad!!not much has changed with me and this baby.. I have officially gained 4 pounds and I hate it!. we had an ultrasound and found out it was a boy (a couple weeks ago) and at that appointment I was measuring larger then I was (I measured at 23, instead of 20.. not a big deal).
Jada is very very excited to be a big sister, she can't stop talking about it, and she tells EVERYONE.
she has yet to feel baby brother move tho.

I have also gotten antsy and bought a couple outfits for our Dino baby!!
The next couple of weeks should be interesting. with thanksgiving coming up. we'll be seeing lots of family that we haven't seen since before I got pregnant. should be fun, especially since i'm showing now.

The most frustrating thing about this pregnancy is my scrub pants don't fit very well at all.. and it's hard to find maternity scrubs that will fit, or that I am guessing will fit (because I can only really find them online)... but I finally cracked down and bought 1 pair on Ebay, I'm hoping they fit, I'm sure i'll have to hem them up, which isn't a problem.

Anyways. this should be a fun rest of the week, I cannot wait until the weekend to sleep in and hang out with Jada.

well, hope everyone is doing great! hope your weeks has been good!