Sunday, December 12, 2010

making a registry, and other events

Hello everyone!!

Burr it's cold outside. I'm sure glad I did all my running around yesterday. It says it's 3 degrees out, but the real feel is -9. yucky!
So I spent most of the morning making a baby registry at and also getting kicked in the stomach (by this growing dino baby).

I realized it's hard to make a registry.
#1 I never know what to put on them, because my place is so small and it's like what am I really going to use?
#2 if I see something that I think is expensive, i always think "i don't have that kind of money, why would someone spend that" but after some reassurance, I added some "pricey" items.
and #3.. Marshal is so so so opinionated on this little man. haha!
but in the end I did it, I realized that people can ban together and get 1 gift, and Lord knows, I'm not picky...
So the next challenge is figuring out a baby shower.. when, where, how, where (yeah, i know.. i put it twice, but who knows!)
My first baby shower was when I was 15, right after I had Jada. we had it at the warehouse, the church's youth building, and all my high school friends came, it was fun. we ate cake, played with Jada, didn't really do much for games, we were all young.
So, for me, this baby shower is kind of like a first again, because I have NO idea. The hardest part (probably because it's the first step) is the where. I could do it at my father's church, but that's about 40 minutes away, and would be a long drive for most people. I don't know. I'll have to get my butt in gear. haha!
another fear I have about a party is, what happens if no one shows up :(
I had a pampered chef party last year and NO one showed up.... I was all alone with My mom, the pampered chef consultant, and her mother. It was very sad, so I have this fear.

well, I suppose I've got a couple months to get stuff figured out.

On a lighter note, it's the Christmas season. I dressed up Jada and took a couple pictures by the tree that can be found on my facebook page (I can't seem to find them to upload them, haha)
I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, and cannot wait to be done.. this Dino baby LOVES to move and beat me up... he's just like his father. haha!!

This weeks events include Jada's Christmas (or "holiday") concert at her school & boy is she excited. Then we are hoping to go see Tangled next weekend, I hope we get to.

ooh Randomness!

We are having a cookie exchange at my work and I found out, no matter how hard I try I cannot bake anymore :( it's really sad, i've actually cried because of it.
so. I found this no bake recipe... for oreo balls!! oh gosh yum.
well about a year and a half ago, we bought a chocolate fountain that Marshal has been DIEING to use. so.. he melted 1/2 package of chocolate chips, 3/4 package of chocolate almond bark, 1 package of vanilla almond bark & 1 package of white chocolate chips... then dumped it into the fountain. While he was doing this, i crushed 1 whole package of oreos and mixed it with 1 and a half packages of cream cheese. I mixed it with my hands (to make the cream cheese even, don't worry, I washed my hands before & after). then i put them in little balls and stuck a toothpick in them, and froze them for about 15 minutes. After freezing them, I dipped them in the chocolate and stuck them back on the pan (I lined a small cookie sheet with wax paper.. this fit about 40 balls) and stuck them in the fridge for just a couple minutes, then I took out the toothpicks (if the chocolate broke really bad, i dipped it again) and put 12 in a zip-lock bag (for each person). I've been eating a few extras today and they are SO good.. mmmmmm....

anyways, that's about all that's gone on for my previous week. my life hasn't been that excited lately, I pretty much sleep all the time now. Hoping to store up for baby. Remember to check out my registry, and remember they are suggestions and ideas... haha.

hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Ooh foofoo on the PC party. It was FREEZING COLD OUT! lol

    I also made oreo balls this week :D Soooo yummy