Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well, welcome to 2011.

Today was pretty laid back for us. We did some house work and basically laid around all day.

I know I haven't written anything in a long time. so I'll see if I can scrounge up some stuff to write about...

Yesterday I was standing in my room & had a moment of 'freak out' I realized, I have so much baby stuff and no where to put it. ok i don't have THAT much stuff, I just had some clothes and no dresser. So I made a list of what I needed, and we went to Walmart. I did end up getting a diaper organizer, and a clear plastic shelving unit thing (with drawers) to put clothes in. and Now I'm satisfied.

Then today I had another moment like "crap.... I have my first home visit (for early head start) on Monday. and this place is a disaster!" so we cleaned... it's not even close to were I want it, but I'm too tired....

There was also no ringing in the New Year for us. I was asleep by about 10:30. Haha...

My Great Grandma also passed away recently. Her funeral was last Thursday (the 30th) in Duluth. After work on Wednesday, Marshal and I drove to Grand Rapids to stay at his old foster family's house. We hadn't seen them in a long time and It was nice to get caught up again. Jada was at my parents house, so we had a good time with just us. We slept there, and the next morning, we were getting ready to leave (at about 7). Oh My Gosh. the roads were HORRIBLE! we ended up getting to the gas station (about 5 miles from their house) and turned around after talking to my Grandmother (who also turned around) and My dad (they turned around to) so we spend some time at the foster family's house.

After a couple hours we decided to take off and spend some time in Grand Rapids. We went to Walmart (which is a LOT nicer then the one in Bemidji) and then to GameStop. We have been talking about getting a Wii Fit for awhile now and we asked if they had any used boards. So we picked up a board for $60 and a used game for $4. not bad!
After that we decided that we were tired & ready to go home. On the way home we went up to my parents house and got Jada. Hung around there for awhile, until mom got off work. By then the roads were starting to get crappy again and we had to go home so we'd be back before dark.

We got home around 5ish. and decided to try out the Wii. I discovered that Jada can play it! and she does pretty good! she's really good at the yoga. Marshal is good at the hola hoop (which is weird, but he cheats). And well, i'm not good at anything because my balance sucks from being pregnant (30 weeks now! YAY!) and I get tired/wore out easily. Lol.

That's about the extent of our last couple days.
Of course Jada has had some days off of school, but spent most of the time at my parents (Thank God my sister was home from college, I saved money on daycare!!). She sure has missed school though and cannot wait to get back!

We had a pretty good Christmas too. It was so nice to see everyone and be around everyone. Jada got a lot of presents. I think it's safe to say she'll be happy for a LONG time. She also got to open some presents for baby brother. She opened a blanket for him. and came over to my belly and told him exactly what he got. it was cute. haha.

Oh, Just remembered. Monday night we went out on a date... we went to Applebee's and had some supper, then to blockbuster to get some movies. Shortly after eating (about an hour) I started getting horrible stomach cramps. I passed it off as eating something that didn't agree & figured I would be fine the next morning. I woke up at about 3AM crying, curled in a ball, and ran to the bathroom. needless to say, I was sick. The cramping went on for a few hours. and at 5 Marshal called in at work saying I was sick and he needed to take care of me. then at 6:15ish I called my work and said I was sick. I was not feeling any better. I felt horrible, and we called the Ask-A-Nurse line. she said to have me drink fluids and lay on my left side. I drank some water and eventually I was in too much pain. We went to the ER. The admitted me to the Birthing center (because I'm so far along) and hooked me up to monitors. I wasn't having contractions, so that was good. Eventually my Dr. came up and saw me, said everything looked ok. and since I had been in the bathroom so much (lots of urine output) I probably wasn't dehydrated. but to be on the safe side, they hooked me up to an IV and pumped some fluids in me.
Now I have difficult veins, it's very hard to get IV's in me. When I was in labor with Jada it took them 14 tries to get one, and with Emily it took 9 tries. well, this nurse rocked (and I will be requesting her when I go in). They had to put in the IV, but also do a blood draw, she decided to do it at the same site, blood draw first. She went to insert the IV (after the draw) and when she started the pump, it burst :( . she decided to go to the other hand and got the IV right away. It was perfect, the site didn't even hurt!!! the 1st one would have worked if not for the blood draw. I was really amazed!! she then told me "they don't call me one stick for nothing". LOL. it was great.
I went home after about 4 hours and was feeling SO much better. I think I had food poisoning & dehydration... The instructions I had were to take it easy, and drink more water, and boy did Marshal enforce that.
I went back to work on Wednesday and was feeling about 80% better, I was still pretty exhausted, but my co-workers take care of me. :D

as of today I am much much better. I just have to remember to drink lots of water.

Updates with Dino baby:
The Dr. didn't tell me how I measured at the last appointment (and I forgot to ask).
my weight is about 7lbs more then when I first started. :(
and he's VERY VERY active. This kid does NOT stop. it's crazy.
Dr. did mention that an active baby usually means a healthy baby, so we are happy about that.

Well I hope the New Year is good for everyone! and that it brings happiness & Love :D


  1. Scary!! Definitely sounds like food poisoning.

    Sorry about your grandma.

  2. yeah. I had french dip sandwiches, with chili cheese fries... Marshal even said the fries didn't look all that great, but you know what, preggers wanted to eat them! haha.

    and it's ok. as Jada says "she's in heaven with Jesus AND her husband" lol.